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Main Objective:

Apply state-of-the-art technologies and analytical approaches from climate modeling, remote sensing, geospatial analysis and sustainable forest management to develop tools for climate change adaptation and to develop adaptive strategies and recommendations for sustainable forest management practices in the Asia-Pacific region.

Specific Objectives:

  • Examine of the current status of studies of climate change in the region to identify knowledge gaps;
  • Develop high-resolution climate models and vegetation remote sensing database for the entire Asia-Pacific region;
  • Develop ecological models for several major forest tree species to predict shifts in their suitable climatic niches in the future;
  • Perform pilot site experiments to develop adaptive strategies for climate change through the integration of model predictions with local forest management practices;
  • Establish a network of scientists, stakeholders and policy makers to facilitate information sharing and knowledge transfer;
  • Develop web tools to facilitate easy access to climate/ecological models and information.

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