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Fuliang Cao

CaoFuliangFuliang Cao
Adjunct Professor, Department of Forest and Conservation Sciences, University of British Columbia
Professor and President of Nanjing Forestry University, China
Forest Ecology and Management
B.A.(1982), M.A.(1989), Ph.D (2004) University of British Columbia

Research Interests:
Dr. Cao has been the President at Nanjing Forestry University since 2010. He served as Vice President at the same university between 2000 and 2009, and as Vice Associate Dean and Dean at Nanjing Forestry University College of Forest Resources and Environment, Landscape Architecture between 1994-1999.

Dr. Cao has led 25 national, provincial and ministerial research projects. Fifteen of them have been awarded by the country and the provincial Department of Science and Technology Progress Award. He is particularly interested in Ginkgo (Ginkgo biloba) and has conducted comprehensive studies on its biology, genetics and silviculture  He has published more than 160 scientific journal papers and a number of books, including “Chinese Ginkgo “, “Chinese Ginkgo Zhi”, “Ginkgo”(album), “Chinese Ginkgo Species Guide” , “Listen to the Story of Ginkgo Uncle Talk”, “Ginkgo Cultivation and Efficient Use of Resources”,”South Poplar Cultivation Mechanism and Practice”, “Water (flooding) and Tree Stress Adaptation”, “South China Drought Tolerant Main Planting Tree Species Mechanism” and “Forest Ecology” (bilingual edition).

Selected Publications:

Guibin Wang, Clive Welham, ChaonianFeng, Lei Chen, Fuliang Cao. Enhanced soil carbon storage under agroforestry and afforestation in subtropical China. Forests, 2015, 6:2307-2323

Wang G, Cao F, Wang G, Yousry A, Kassaby El. Role of Temperature and Soil Moisture Conditions on Flavonoid Production and Biosynthesis-Related Genes in Ginkgo (Ginkgo biloba L.) Leaves. Nat Prod Chem Res, 2015, 3:162

Guibin Wang, Fuliang Cao, Li Chang, Jian Wang, XuqingGuo. Temperature has more effects than soil moisture on biosynthesis of flavonoids in Ginkgo (Ginkgo biloba L.) leaves. New Forests, 2014, 45:797-812.

You Xu, Guibin Wang, Fuliang Cao, Cancan Zhu, Guangyu Wang, Yousry A. El-Kassaby. Light intensity affects the growth and flavonol biosynthesis of Ginkgo (Ginkgo biloba L.). New Forests, 2014, 45:765-776.

Li, J. Pei, L. Zhao, J. Xie, F. Cao, G. Wang. Overexpression and characterization of laccase from Trametesversicolor in Pichiapastoris. Applied Biochemistry and Microbiology, 2014, 50(2)

Huanli Wang, Fuliang Cao, Wangxiang Zhang, Guibin Wang, Wanwen Yu. Cloning and Expression of Stearoyl-ACP Desaturase and Two OleateDesaturases Genes from Ginkgo biloba L. Plant MolBiol Rep, 2013, 31:633-648 

Xuhui Zhang,Linguo Zhao, Fuliang Cao, Hussain Ahmad, Guibin Wang, and Tian Wang. Effects of feeding fermented Ginkgo biloba leaves on small intestinal morphology, absorption, and immunomodulation of early lipopolysaccharide -challenged chicks. Poult Sci. 2013, 92(1):119-30

G.P. Li, C.Q. Zhang, F.L. Cao. An efficient approach to identify Ginkgo biloba cultivars by using random amplified polymorphic DNA markers with a manual cultivar identification diagram strategy. Genetics and Molecular Research, 2013, 12 (1): 175-182

Jiahong Wang, Fuliang Cao, Erzheng Su, Caie Wu, Linguo Zhao, Ruifeng Ying. Improving Flavonoid Extraction from Ginkgo biloba Leaves by Prefermentation Processing. J. Agric. Food Chem, 2013, 61:5783−5791

YalingTian, Fuliang Cao, Guibin Wang. Soil microbiological properties and enzyme activity in Ginkgo-tea agroforestry compared with monoculture. Agroforestry Systems, 2013, 87(5).

Linguo Zhao, Xuhui Zhang, Fuliang Cao, Defa Sun, Tian Wang, Guibin Wang. Effect of dietary supplementation with fermented Ginkgo-leaves on performance, egg quality, lipid metabolism and egg-yolk fatty acids composition in laying hens. Livestock Science, 2013, 155(1):77-85.

Hua Cheng, Linling Li, FengXu, Shuiyuan Cheng, Fuliang Cao, Yan Wang, Honghui Yuan, Dezhi Jiang, Conghua Wu. Expression patterns of a cinnamyl alcohol dehydrogenase gene involved in lignin biosynthesis and environmental stress in Ginkgo biloba.MolBiol Rep, 2013, 40:707-721

Cheng Hua, Li Linling, Cheng Shuiyuan, Cao Fuliang, XuFeng, Wang Yan, Jiang Dezhi, Yuan Honghui and Wu Conghua. Characterization of a cinnamoyl-CoA reductase gene in Ginkgo biloba: Effects on lignification and environmental stresses. African Journal of Biotechnology, 2012, 11(26):6780-6794

Xuhui Zhang, Fuliang Cao, Zhiyuan Sun, Wanwen Yu, Linguo Zhao, Guibin Wang, Tian Wang. Effect of feeding a spergillusniger-fermented Ginkgo biloba-leaves on growth, small intestinal structure and function of broiler chicks. Livestock Science, 2012, 147:170-180.

Cao, Fuliang, Kimmins, J.P., and Wang, J.R. 2012. Competitive interactions in Ginkgo and crop species mixed agroforestry systems in Jiangsu, China. Agroforestry Systems 84:401-415.

Fuliang Cao, Hua Cheng, Shuiyuan Cheng, Linling Li, FengXu, Wanwen Yu, Honghui Yuan. Expression of Selected Ginkgo biloba Heat Shock Protein Genes After Cold Treatment Could Be Induced by Other Abiotic Stress. Int. J. Mol. Sci. 2012, 13:5768-5788

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Guibin Wang, Fuliang Cao. Formation and function of aerenchyma in baldcypress (Taxodiumdistichum (L.) Rich.) and Chinese tallow tree (Sapiumsebiferum (L.) Roxb.) under flooding. South African Journal of Botany, 2012, 81:71-78.

Guibin Wang, Fuliang Cao. Integrated evaluation of soil fertility in Ginkgo (Ginkgo biloba.L) agroforestry systems in Jiangsu, China [J]. Agroforestry systems, 2011, 83:89–100

Hua Cheng, Linling Li, Shuiyuan Cheng, Fuliang Cao, Yan Wang, Honghui Yuan. Molecular cloning and function assay of a chalconeisomerase gene (GbCHI) from Ginkgo biloba. Plant Cell Rep, 2011, 30:49-62

Y.X. ZHENG, J.C. WU, F.L. CAO, and Y.P. ZHANG. Effects of water stress on photosynthetic activity, dry mass partitioning and some associated metabolic changes in four provenances of neem (Azadirachtaindica A. Juss). PHOTOSYNTHETICA, 2010, 48(3): 361-369

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Huanchao Zhang, Fuliang Cao, Shenzuo Fang. Effects of agricultural production on phosphorus losses from paddy soils: a case study in Taihu Lake Region of China. Wetlands Ecology and Management, 2005, 13: 25-33

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